Introduction of the Company

ANO Construction Inc., which was founded in 1956 by Ahmet Nihat Ozsan and which is headquartered in Istanbul , is one of the renowned and most respected companies in Turkey with over 50 years of know-how and experience in the construction business.
ANO's main activity fields are construction of bridges, overpasses/crossings, tunnels, airports, military structures, petroleum storage tanks, pipelines and industrial buildings.

Our mission
•  To be a value-adding corporation for the benefit of our country, society, customers and personnel

Our vision
•  To be one of the leading corporations in the construction business

Our policies
•  To manage all processes to maximize customer satisfaction
• To ensure continuous and productive work by effective decision making processes
•  To be open to new developments
• To ensure perfection in the final result by means of sharing knowledge and experiences, of accumulating know-how and of implementing constructive efforts
•  To employ expert staff with utmost innovation skills
•  To ensure the safety of personnel and of business
• To ensure the economic efficiency by using the country's resources in the most productive way
•  In all activities to operate environmental-friendly, to respect the laws, to implement safety rules and to care for workers' health

Thanks to our experienced and dynamic staff, our strong financial resources and our extensive machine park, we look to the future with confidence and we aim to serve our clients in the most economical way possible and with state-of-the-art solutions that have the best quality and the highest return on investment.

Our founder and lifelong chairman Mr. Ahmet Nihat Ozsan has passed away in 2006. His emphasis on precision and quality in the projects we have completed has always been set as our Company's main principle and it will last forever.

Some of the selected construction projects done within the past 50 years are as follows:

  • Silivri Crossing (2007)
  • Samandira Crossing (2006)
  • Hasret Bridge at the Nahchevan border (1992)
  • Yenibosna Crossing (1987) (Commissioned by the client General Directorate of Highways)
  • İncirli Crossing (1983)
  • Five pre-stressed concrete bridges on the peripheral highway of Istanbul (1970-1973) (Commissioned by General Directorate of Highways 17th Division)
  • Istanbul-Ataturk Airport Air Cargo Facilities (1984-1987)
  • Istanbul Karakoy Square Underground Passage, one of the first underground passages in Turkey ; (1964) (Commissioned by Istanbul Municipality )
  • Manavgat Bridge on the Antalya-Alanya Highway (awarded as one of the best 50 structures of the Turkish Republic in the past 50 years by Turkish Chamber of Engineers and Architects)

In 1976, Tanksan Inc., a joint-venture with Cimtas Inc., was established in order to carry out steel tanks and pipeline constructions. Ahmet Nihat Ozsan was the chairman and the joint-venture continued until 1996. This joint-venture served the state-owned companies like TUPRAS, IPRAS as well as private companies like DELTA PETROLEUM, AYGAZ PETROLEUM, MILANGAZ, TEKFEN and ENKA. At the moment, steel tanks and pipelines are being manufactured and constructed by our company, ANO Inc.

In 1996, an area of thirty-three acres was bought in Corlu-Tekirdag. A plant with 4,250 sqm covered area and 10,000 sqm open storage area was established. Since then, this plant has been manufacturing concrete paving stones, curbs, wire fence posts, pre-stressed hollow-core slab panels, pre-stressed concrete wall panels and T-beams for slabs. The production is registered by the trademark VARIOPLUS®.

Our machine park, central workshop and the depot is in Tekirdag-Corlu with 2,000 sqm of covered area and 3,000 sqm of open storage area.

Our Company's headquarters is at the following address:

Fahrettin Kerim Gokay cad., No. 25
Altunizade, 34662 Istanbul